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About us

MSC-Israel is commited to design and development of top quality products, innovative fibre optic and Led lighting systems.


The company founded in 1994 in Israel, by Dr. Reuven Azoury.
During more than 20 years, we have gained considerable experience and expertise in all aspects of this flexible and versatile medium, across a diverse spectrum of applications: decoration, accent lighting, ambient lighting, showcases, conservation etc.

Our installations are to be seen in museums and galleries, shopping malls, leisure centers, restaurants, municipalities, places of worship and private houses throughout Israel and abroad.

Each project is tailor-made and individually attended to, from the preliminary design phase through final installation. We supply consulting services for both the design as well as the selection of the appropriate lighting-elements. We procure all necessary equipment and install the complete system. Thus we assure the customer of full service and warranty all along the way.

Our Clients

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